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Griffin was born on May 3, 2020 and is Adaline's brother.  He too was a hopeful show dog but has developed flaws keeping him from the show ring.  two of those flaws is his height at 16 1/4" at his shoulders and the other is his lighter eye color.  As a companion none of these thing will mater.  He has a big heart and loved to be with people.  He has a strong willingness to please and may make a very nice obedience dog.  He will need a fenced in yard at lease 4' tall as he has very strong hind legs and can jump pretty high when he is happy to see you.

He is too young for some genetic testing but is vWD clear and is MDR-1 Normal/Normal by parentage.  He has all of his puppy shots to date.

Adoption Pending



Raven was born July 29,2018
She is the mother of Adaline and Griffin.  She too was a hopeful in the showring but her nervous temperament away from home did not allow us to continue that path for her.  She is very happy staying at home and cuddling up to you.  If you have her out side she will need either a fenced in yard or have her on leash at all times. She will bolt if scared.  I do not recommend her for formal dog competition but will make a nice pet.  She is good with kids and is not aggressive by nature.   
She is vWD clear and MDR-1 Normal/Normal by parentage.  She stands 14 1/2" at her shoulders.  She is a real beauty to look at with the correct sheltie head and outline with soft eyes.
She is already AKC registered as Sugar Hill Masetto Fly By Night.

See her page here

Adoption Pending

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