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Meet Zane

Zane is a one year old in tact male that we had hoped to show but he went over sized.  He is 16 1/2" at his shoulders to the ground.  He is very sweet and loved to cuddle and will let you stroke his head all day long.  Unlike most shelties we have he does not use his voice very much.  Most of the time when he is excited he just moved his jaw in a kind of talking motion with no noise.  His is up to date with his vaccinations minus his rabies due to the pandemic and unable to get him in to the vet or health clinic.  He was born on August 15, 2019.His mother is our Grand Champion Nikki and his father is Grand Champion Grandgables Avebury King Cole from Canada.  Zane would rather spend time with you at home than go on long walks.  He is used to a leash free dog run and is crate trained for meals and bedtime.  He enjoys squishy toys and is shy at first but once he knows you he will be right there for all kinds of cuddles.

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Meet JD

JD was born on May 3rd, 2020.  His coloring is called a Bi-Black (Black and White) which is the most primary color of the sheltie.  His height seems to be finishing at about 16" from his shoulder to the ground.  He is an intact male and is current with his shots and vet visits. He is active as you would expect most puppies to be but still has time to spend with you on his back in your arms for a nice evening chest scratch.  He does like to talk to you and will let you know when you are late for taking him outside in the morning and late for serving his meals.  He is crate trained for meals and bedtime and is used to being in an fenced run.  He has had some leash training and we are working on simple obedience commands like "wait".  His mother is our Raven (Sugar Hill Masetto Fly By Night) and his father is Grand Champion Country Lane Wingman in Buffalo, NY.

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